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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions that are frequently asked by our customers. If you do not see your question here, call us! We are standing by 24-7!

How do car title loans/auto equity loans work?

In short, you use your car title as collateral against a loan.

After you submit an online application for your vehicle title loan, you will receive a message of pre-approval via e-mail or text message. You will also receive a prompt phone call from a customer service representative to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. You then bring your vehicle, its title and spare key, and your government-issued ID to one of our conveniently located offices. Your lender will confirm the information and evaluate your vehicle to determine your loan amount. You’ll leave your title and spare key with the lender, but you can continue to drive your vehicle as long as you make your monthly payments. Once you’re done paying off your loan, your title and spare key are returned to you.

I didn't see anything about credit requirements, does that mean I can have bad credit and still get a loan?

Yes. A great thing about auto title loans is that you can be eligible for one with bad credit or no credit at all. This is because your loan is based off the value of your vehicle, which is used as collateral.

How much cash can I get and when can I get it?

The amount of cash you can receive for your car title is dependent upon the wholesale value of your vehicle. An auto equity loan is secured by the value of a borrower's car rather than his or her credit score. We lend amounts as large as $20,000.

As far as getting your cash, we take great pride in providing a convenient service for our customers. Upon submitting your online title loan application, the processing of your loan request begins immediately; you can get your cash within 24 hours. You can choose to pick up your loan at one of our locations or have the cash deposited into your checking account that very same day!

What happens if I am behind on my payments?

Before taking out a car title loan, we recommend that borrowers review their finances so they know how much they can afford to pay off each month. Lenders will work with borrowers to create flexible repayment plans that take the borrowers income and monthly expenses into account, ensuring that the borrower won’t have any issues paying off part of the loan each month.

If a borrower is having trouble making payments, the most important thing to do is call the lender who holds your title. The borrower should inform his or her lender of the financial situation and develop a plan to get the loan paid off. If a borrower fails to make payments, vehicle repossession is possible. However, that is always the last-resort, as repossession is a lengthy, expensive process.